Irish helpline for teenagers received 23,000 calls and texts in first half of 2016

TeenLine says it has seen an increase of more than 100% the number of texts received compared to 2015

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File photo. Image: Chris Radburn / PA Archive/Press Association Images

An Irish helpline for teenagers received more than 23,000 calls and texts in the first half of the year.

TeenLine, which was founded in 2006, says it received around 14,000 texts between January and June - an increase of more than 100% from the 12,000 received during the entirety of 2015.

TeenLine's Clinical Director Niamh Hannan said: "We have a large volume of calls and texts every night to the helpline from teenagers seeking support and a safe space to talk. Teenagers from all walks of life are feeling life's pressures and are experiencing high levels of anxiety and low mood or depression.

"The 3 main areas of a young person's life are Home, School and Friends: they can cope if only one area is going wrong at a time but where they are experiencing difficulty in 2 or 3 areas at a time they are more at risk. TeenLine provides a vital support service for teenagers so encourage your teens to reach out and talk," she added.

A volunteer with the website explained that "one minute a help-line volunteer could be talking to a distressed teen about their suicidal thoughts, and the next call might see them chatting about a Netflix series with someone feeling lonely but with no-one else to talk to". 

As well as their helpline and text services, TeenLine also operate an outreach service for schools and youth organisations. You can find out more information on their website

The TeenLine helpline number is 1800 833 634 and the text service can be contacted by texting “teen” to 50015. They are available between 8pm and 11pm Monday-Sunday.