'Repeal the 8th' artwork is removed from Dublin's Temple Bar

Dublin City Council say the work was in violation of planning laws

Repeal the 8th, mural, removed, Temple Bar, Project Arts Centre, Dublin City Council, Sarah Pierce

Image via @projectarts on Twitter

A piece of art calling for a repeal of the eighth amendment has been taken down in Dublin's Temple Bar.

The piece, which was seen on the side of the Project Arts Centre, showed a heart shape with the words 'Repeal the 8th.'

Earlier Sarah Pierce, chair of the board of Project Arts Centre, explained why it was removed.

"We have taken the decision to remove the mural artwork by celebrated street artist, Maser, painted on the front of our building, after receiving a warning notice from Dublin City Council Planning Department that the work is in violation of the Planning & Development Acts," she said.

Project Arts Centre artistic director, Cian O’Brien, added: "We have had an astonishing response to this artwork by Maser and I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the conversation around this important topic."

"I in no way wish to censor or silence an artist; I respect the legal position that the DCC Planning Office is in and the parameters within which they are working."

"This artwork occurs in the context of many in the artistic programme. It is the first time Project has been presented with a planning notice for a painted artwork on the front of our current building."

Images via @HunRealIssues on Twitter

Project Arts Centre says it received an "extraordinary level of support" for the artwork, which was commissioned by The HunReal Issues.

It says it received over 200 letters of support and 50 complaints.

The centre says it received support from TDs, Senators, Dublin City councillors, the Union of Students of Ireland (USI), charities, artists, public figures and from members of the public.

Images via @HunRealIssues on Twitter

"Intimidation and shhh-ing"

Dublin City Council said the legislation "exempts the painting of the external part of any building or other structure from requiring planning permission."

"The exemption does not necessarily apply to any structure included on the council’s Record of Protected Structures."

"However, the painting may not be for the purposes of creating a mural and the legislation applies to buildings in private ownership."

"Murals and other artistic designs require planning permission when applied to the external part of any structure," it added.

In a statement to Newstalk.com, The HunReal Issues said: "We're clearly devo that the mural is coming down today. Ideally we would have liked to see it remain till the 8th is repealed."

"It's telling that there have been murals up for over six months in the very same spot and there's never been a peep about it."

"What's happened is about some people using intimidation and shhh-ing people who are crying out for choice through planning legislation."

"The fact of the matter is though, no matter how much some people want to pretend abortions aren't happening to Irish women, how much they try to sweep it under the carpet, they are happening."

"We can't keep ignoring it and continue failing to give women the human rights and medical care they're entitled to. We're working with Project Arts Centre and Maser to try and get it back up again. Fingers crossed."

An online petition to support the mural was signed by over 3,000 people in three days.