Big Macs are off the menu in Venezuela amid bun shortage

What is a Big Mac without its middle bun?

Big Macs are off the menu in Venezuela amid bun shortage

Nick Ansell / PA Wire/Press Association Images

The iconic Big Mac is no longer an option at McDonald's restaurants in Venezuela as the country is currently suffering a shortage of hamburger buns, amongst other things.

Arcos Dorados, the largest operator of McDonald's restaurants on the South American continent, said it will have to temporarily suspend the selling of Big Macs due to a shortage of the special middle bun. However, the company believe this will only be a temporary situation. 

“For the moment, we offer other products like the Quarter Pounder and the Chicken, Bacon, Onion sandwich,” the company said in a statement sent to the AFP press agency.

Venezuela is in a dire economic situation at present. Plummeting oil prices and food shortages have led the government to declare a state of emergency with food being transported under armed guard.

Apart from the huge queues outside shops just to access basic provision, the country has also seen rolling power cuts, so there may be more pressing concerns for most citizens beyond the availability of the iconic burger.