Sunday Long Reads: Irish animation, the housing crisis, and why does Hillary Clinton's campaign lack enthusiasm?

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This week's Long Reads takes a look at the first woman to be trolled in the wake of a campaign of social media vitriol against one of the stars of the new Ghostbusters reboot. 

Elsewhere, there's a look ahead to the All-Ireland hurling quarter-finals, we ask can the government find a way to solve the problem with emergency accommodation, and speak to one of the figures at the forefront of animation in Ireland. 

Finally, now that she has selected Tim Kaine as her running mate, we ask why is Hillary Clinton struggling to get people to back her campaign, despite the fact that Donald Trump is so disliked?

Shane Stapleton: More on the line than an All-Ireland semi-final

Rarely has the polarity between winning and losing been so stark for so many. Perched atop the needle this Sunday at Semple Stadium is more than just the prize of an All-Ireland semi-final for four hopeful counties.

In itself, that is a golden carrot, but there’s so much more at stake other than the exhilaration of winning a huge Championship game and keeping the train on the tracks going into August.

For Galway, they are playing for the vindication of last year’s mutiny. Don’t discount that pressure.

Meet Mrs Lydia E Pinkham, the first woman in the world to be trolled

In a week that saw Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones leave (and return to) Twitter after many racist Twitter trolls created what she called a “personal hell,” it’s worth reflecting that when it comes to this kind of misogyny, it really predates the Internet.

Spare a thought for a 19th-century pharmacist by the name of Lydia E Pinkham, perhaps the first woman in the world to ever have to endure the irrational hatred of men. And it was all because of her face.

Can the Government put an end to the emergency accommodation crisis?

The Government yesterday published the Action Plan for Housing and Homelessness - their most significant move yet to try and tackle the housing crisis.

The document outlines dozens of proposals, aimed at kickstarting the housing industry in order to deliver 47,000 social houses over the next six years.

One of the most specific points in the €5.5bn programme is a pledge to put an end to hotels and B&Bs being used for emergency accommodation.

Animation in Ireland: How Cartoon Saloon became a major draw

Enrolling in animation college in the hope he might land a job where he could spend his 9-5 days doodling away by himself, these days one of Paul Young’s biggest worries is that his company is going to get too big.

“We're at 80 now,” he says regarding his staff. “There are some plans ahead to increase work in Kilkenny for more people. Fingers crossed. Though 80 is quite a nice number… It’s a nice level to be at.”

He’ll still pick up a pencil, but dealing with people is now his chief role at Cartoon Saloon, one of the standard-bearers for animation in Ireland.

Why does Hillary Clinton's campaign still lack enthusiasm?

With the polls so far predicting that Hillary Clinton is headed for a win in November against Donald Trump, you could be forgiven for thinking that there would be a huge amount of celebration among rank and file members of the Democratic Party.

With their candidate projected to take the presidency with as many as 350 (or more) votes in the electoral college, they are looking at a result that could be almost as comprehensive in those terms as Barack Obama's win over John McCain in 2008. 

However, after a long, drawn out primary campaign in which Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders whipped up incredible enthusiasm for his campaign and its ideas, the reality is that few people are excited about a Clinton Presidency.