WATCH: Reporter caught playing Pokemon Go at State Department news conference

State Department spokesman John Kirby spotted the reporter trying to keep themselves entertainged

Pokemon Go, State Department, John Kirby,

Image: Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP/Press Association Images

A State Department briefing about the ongoing effort to clamp down on the online propaganda campaign from ISIS, while important, seemed to struggle to catch the attention of a few journalists in the room this week. 

As spokesperson John Kirby was delivering his remarks, outlining the plan from the State Department to "confront them in the information space", he noticed that one reporter was not giving his speech his full attention. 

Turning to the reporter, he said "you're playing the Pokemon thing right now, aren't you?". 

The journalist responded that they were keeping their eye on it rather than full on playing it, and Kirby finished off the final few lines of his speech. 

Before taking questions from the assembled members of the media, Kirby checked back in to see how the reporter was getting on, and if they had caught any during the speech. However, it seems a poor signal in the room meant that he was unable to catch anything ,for which Kirby apologised in a rather sarcastic turn. 

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