WATCH: The frist teaser for Game of Thrones season 7 has arrived

HBO are already doing their best to get people excited about the latest series

Game of Thrones, Season 7,

Image: HBO/YouTube

With the dust barely settled on season six, attention is already turning to what's in the pipeline for the next, and possibly final season of the show.

The phenomenon that is Game of Thrones is rumoured to be approaching its end, and fans will be eager to soak up as much as they can before it departs from their screens forever. 

A short teaser released by HBO on Friday gives a look at the preparations for the new season, which are already underway as it heads into production. 

The new series may well be a bit later than expected however, as while it is in production, the show's creators stated that they are waiting for the shorter days of winter in order to film the show

That may meant that the usual break between seasons is longer than usual, so you might need to savour every moment of this short video.