Munich residents offer refuge using social media

The hashtag #OffeneTuer or #OpenDoor has started to trend as people look for places to seek shelter

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Image: Sebastian Widmann / AP/Press Association Images

Updated 01.11

At least ten people have been killed after an attack at a shopping center in Munich, and with the city in a state of emergency, residents reached out to help on social media. 

Police have confirmed that a gunman involved in the attack at the Olympia-Einkaufszentrum mall has died, where shooting is believed to have started outside a fast food restaurant

As a result of the attack, the entire transport network in the city was shut down as police urged people to stay indoors and find shelter. 

With that in mind, and recognising that many people would either have no place to go or would be unable to make it home, Munich residents have opened up their doors using the hashtags #OffeneTuer, #OffeneTür or #OpenDoor.

Mosques in the area are also providing refuge to people who may have nowhere to go, while there are reports that local hotels and restaurants have been taking people in as well.