Jon Stewart returned to The Late Show to analyse Trump's rally

He joined Stephen Colbert in royally roasting the Republic presidential hopefuly

With steam constantly picking up behind Trump's presidential campaign, it was always just going to be a matter of time before Jon Stewart returned to TV land to voice his opinions on the 2016 election race.

Kicking off his surprise appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert by celebrating the retirement of Roger Ailes, a man he spent the last decade going head-to-head with over how he ran Fox News.

But it wasn't long before Stewart re-took his vacated chair, put back on his blazer and tie, and spoke to the people of America with practically a year's worth of vitriol.

While Trevor Noah has been doing a bang-up job on replacing Stewart on The Daily Show, this 13-minute video does nothing but remind us how great Stewart was, and how this particular election race definitely needs him to comedically keep everyone in cheque.