Nutritionists appeal for general public to up their Vitamin D in-take

Under-5's are recommended to take Vit D tablets

New guidance from a UK health organisation says young children should be given a supplement to make sure they're getting enough Vitamin D.

Public Health England says it's vital for bone and muscle health but people generally aren't getting enough from exposure to sunlight.

It suggests under-fives should be taking the tablets - and so should everyone else during the winter.

Head of nutrition science, Doctor Louis Levy says outlines foods that can help: "Things like oily fish, red meat, eggs, liver, and fortified breakfast cereals and fortified low-fat spreads."

Irish research shows our Vitamin D levels are lowest in April following the long winter months.

Consultant Dietician Aiveen Bannon says it's a significant issue: "We know a lot of the Irish population, along with the European population, have either sub-optimal Vitamin D levels, or else too-low Vitamin D levels, and we just don't get enough from food. About 10 to 15% will come from food, so we rely on sunlight, and where Ireland is situated, we just don't get enough."