Muslim man removed from flight after crew announces "I will be watching you" to entire plane

The man was forced to leave the American Airlines flight because he had made the air hostess "uncomfortable"

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A Muslim passenger was asked to leave an American Airlines flight after a member of the cabin crew announced his name on the plane’s tannoy system, adding his seat number and that she would be observing him throughout the flight.

Mohamed Ahmed Radwan was seated on the flight departing from Charlotte, North Carolina, in December 2015 when a flight attendant announced to everyone onboard: “Mohamed Ahmed, seat 25A, I will be watching you.” No other passengers were singled out by the same crew member.

When Radwan asked the stewardess why she had referred to him specifically, she reportedly responded by saying he was being “too sensitive.” Unsatisfied with her answer, Radwan reported her behaviour to two other American Airlines staff, but was told he needed to disembark from the place as he had made the woman who announced his name “uncomfortable.”

An official complaint has now been filed with the US Department of Transportation by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), after attempts made to clear the matter with American Airlines failed to reach a resolution.

“Given the continuing rise of anti-Muslim rhetoric and hate crimes occurring throughout the United States, this type of reckless and harmful conduct should not be tolerated by our nation’s airlines, which are legally charged with safely carrying all individuals who are rightfully present in an equal and non-discriminatory manner, without regard to their religious affiliations or ethnicity,” the CAIR complaint reads.

“This incident is particularly troubling given the recent wave of incidents in which airline personnel have arbitrarily removed passenger of Muslim and/or Middle Eastern background without an objectively reasonable cause or explanation,” added Maha Sayed, CAIR’s staff lawyer.

In March, a Muslim family of five were removed from a United Airlines flight with the family claiming it was because of “how they looked.” Having asked cabin crew about safety harnesses for their three children, the plane’s pilot demanded they exit the plane because of a “safety issue.” And in April, a Muslim female passenger who had asked to change seats on a Southwest Airlines plane was asked to leave because she had made the flight attendant “uncomfortable.”

And in May, an Italian economics professor was asked to leave another American Airlines flight when the mathematics equation he was attempting to solve drew the attention of the female passenger sitting beside him. Passing the flight crew a note, warning that he may be a possible terrorist.

In relation to the December incident, a spokesperson for American Airlines said: “American [Airlines] was contacted by CAIR earlier this year. We thoroughly reviewed these allegations and concluded that no discrimination occurred. We serve customers of all backgrounds and faiths and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind.”

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