Sunday Long Reads: Who is the new Northern Ireland secretary and are we ready for driverless cars?

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With the appointment of a new Northern Ireland Secretary, we take a look at what can be expected from James Brokenshire in this week's Long Reads. 

Elsewhere, we do our best to explain why people around the world are caught up in the phenomenon that is Pokemon Go, recall some of Boris' most memorable gaffes, and ask if we're ready for driverless cars after an accident claimed the life of a Tesla customer.

Driving Into Future: Are We Ready For Autonomous Cars?

Last week Tesla hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. One of its customers was killed when the Autopilot feature in his Model S car failed to tell the difference between a white truck and a bright piece of sky.

The incident has led to questions being asked about the safety of driverless cars and if we should press the brake on the autonomous driving revolution, which has accelerated rapidly in the last 12 months with some predicting that autonomous vehicles will be on our roads as soon as 2018.

Who is the new Northern Ireland Secretary and what can we expect from him?

As the new British prime minister Theresa May put together her new cabinet this week, there were some very high profile surprises - not least Boris Johnson becoming the new foreign secretary.

For people on this island, however, the most notable change was the appointment of a new Northern Ireland Secretary - James Brokenshire.

How to catch 'em all: The beginner's guide to Pokemon Go

You can't go online without hearing someone talking about it. It's even invading our airwaves.

So what exactly is Pokemon Go? If you're new to the entire universe of the game, or if you're trying to figure out what has people so excited about this latest incarnation of it, and why it's taking over the world, our beginner's guide will attempt to explain it all.

From getting stuck on a zip wire to posing with a Kalashnikov: Boris Johnson's history of gaffes

Boris Johnson, a maverick with a history of diplomatic blunders, is a huge gamble by British Prime Minister Theresa May as her Foreign Secretary.

His catalogue of gaffes - of which the most spectacular was his zip-wire fiasco during the 2012 London Olympics - could fill a slapstick movie: Carry On Boris.

Two weeks ago, his career at the top level of politics looked as if it might be over, when he dramatically pulled out of the Tory leadership race. But now zip-wire Boris has bounced back.

After another Wimbledon, Andy Murray has a window to build on his legacy

A two-time Wimbledon champion, a three-time Grand Slam winner, Olympic gold medalist, Davis Cup winner...

After a second Wimbledon triumph by defeating first-time finalist Milos Raonic, there isn't much Andy Murray hasn't already achieved in tennis. But at the age of 29, now is the time to really put the hammer down and build on his legacy.