Ireland's favourite emoji revealed as part of World Emoji Day

Twitter has created a custom icon for the day

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A generic stock photo of Emojis on an Apple iPhone 6s | Image: Lauren Hurley / PA Archive/Press Association Images

We all use them, let's be honest. Emotion icons - or emojis - are a quick and easy way to express ourselves.

Today is World Emoji Day, and data from around the world has shown who uses which emojis and where.

While it has been revealed what Ireland's favourite emoji is: on a par with the global favourite, it is the laughing emoji with tears.

Emojis are used constantly on social media site Twitter, who has examined the data.

It has even created a custom emoji to celebrate the day.

Source: Twitter

Twitter has also compiled the most used emojis in 20 countries around the world:

Source: Twitter

And it has broken down most-used icons by category.

The laughing/crying face still dominates - as does the clapping hands, the love heart and the birthday cake.

Who knew?

Source: Twitter