7 things to do this weekend if you're not going to Longitude

Movies, music and events to fill your next two days with

Kendrick Lemar. The National. Major Lazer. You're going to see none of them.

If standing in a field, listening to music, with a 50/50 chance of stone-splitting sunshine or monsoon-esque rainfall isn't your bag, we've got a collection of alternative ways to pass the time before work returns on Monday morning.

Go see the new Ghostbusters

Four of the funniest people on the planet, including Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig reuniting with their Bridesmaids/Spy director Paul Feig, are bringing these busters of ghosts back to the cinema for a new generation. Fans of the original will be happy to find a whole host of callbacks to that classic comedy, too. Ignore the weirdly sexist backlash it's received online and enjoy these funny people being funny for two hours.

Go take part in Ireland's answer to The Cube

GoQuest is designed for older children all the way up to adults, with groups of three to five people set the task of 27 unique challenges. It will test your body, mind and general skill levels, but beware, the clock is always ticking! You've got two hours to crack as many as you can, before you get locked in... FOREVER! Kidding, they let you out. Probably.

Go watch Hodor from Game Of Thrones host a rave night

Fans of the show (provided you're all caught up) will want to catch a glimpse of their favourite door-stop as he pounds out the hardest-edged rave music you can imagine in the Tivoli theatre this Saturday night. 

Go to either/or/both of the Galway festivals

Both the Galway Fringe Festival and the Galway International Arts Festival are still going strong this week, plus the city has just been announced as one of the European Capitals Of Culture for the year 2020. So, essentially, if you're looking to get cultured up, Galways is the place to be right now.

Get a view into how the eye, the brain and the robot sees the world

The Science Gallery in Trinity College is constantly updating their mind-expanding exhibits every few months, and the current one is all about how the vast difference in how we view the world. SEEING explores the subjectivity of sight, the other senses that shape our view of the world, and the unexpected parallels between human and machine vision. Plus? It's totally free to go see!

Go to a summer party in unique surroundings

The third annual IMMA Summer Party has been curated by none other than actor Cillian Muprhy, with the music ranging from classy and intense classical compositions right up to modern day EDM. There are also alternative performances, including something called "A Series Of Interventions", which sounds ... interesting, to say the least.

Go see a modern living legend sing his heart out

She. I Want You. Alison. Pump It Up. Watching The Detectives. Veronica. Oliver's Army. Radio, Radio. Every Day I Write The Book. Peace, Love & Understanding. Chelsea. Red Shoes. Do we need to go on? Mister Costello is performing in the Iveagh Gardens on Saturday. Get to it.