Morning top 5: Taoiseach in Berlin, Console in court and 12th of July parades

The top stories this Tuesday morning...

Taoiseach Enda Kenny will meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin today to discuss the fallout from Brexit.

Mr Kenny is expected to highlight concerns about North-South relations, the common travel area and Irish trade with the UK.

Theresa May, who succeeds British PM David Cameron on Wednesday, yesterday ruled out holding a second EU referendum.


Console’s legal action against the charity’s founder Paul Kelly, his wife Patricia and their son Tim is due back before the High Court this morning.

The court heard last week that Mr Kelly’s solicitor was not in a position to take instructions from his client because he was in a psychiatric unit.

Today will be his son's first opportunity to respond to freezing orders placed by the court on his assets in his absence.


Bernie Sanders is expected to endorse Hillary Clinton for US president at a rally in New Hampshire today.

The self-described socialist has committed to voting for his Democratic rival but stopped short of formally ending his campaign.

In a significant development yesterday, two progressive groups that had backed him came out in support of the former first lady.


The PSNI will mount a major policing operation today as 12th of July parades are held across Northern Ireland today. 

The Orange Order has organised 18 demonstrations to mark Protestant king William of Orange's victory over Catholic king James II at the Battle of the Boyne.

The longest parade, in Belfast, will travel a six-mile route through the city and feature up to 60 bands.


David Cameron is to chair his final cabinet meeting before stepping down as Britain's prime minister, as his successor Theresa May decides who she will appoint to the top jobs.

The outgoing Tory leader will then face MPs in the regular Wednesday session of Prime Minister's Questions for the last time.

Opposition parties are already calling for an early election - however, Mrs May has ruled out holding one until 2020.