Best of the box: Ross Kemp on the fight against ISIS and Reggie Yates visits a Texan prison...

Tom Dunne and Sue Murphy bring you the best of the box for the week ahead...

Not quite sure of what the best picks of the box are for this week? Or will you regret that you didn't record something when all of a sudden it's the talk of the town?

Fear not, the Tom Dunne Show has you covered.

Sue Murphy joined Tom to pick out the best of the box for the week ahead. You can find a link to the full podcast at the bottom of the page.


Picks of the week

Ross Kemp: The Fight Against Isis, Thursday, Sky 1, 9pm

Ross Kemp heads Iraq and Syria where he joins up with Kurdish forces who are on the front lines in the war on ISIS. On his mission, Ross comes face to face with jihadists who are fighting with the Islamic state and at one point, he and his crew come under fire from enemy snipers.


Peacekeepers: The Irish in South Lebanon,Tuesday, RTE1, 9.35pm

Peacekeepers: The Irish in South Lebanon documents the activity of Irish Peacekeepers both in training, overseas and on their return home. Ireland has been a member of the UN for 60 years now, and defense forces have been serving in the Middle East since 1968. The programme is a fascinating behind the scenes insight into Ireland's contribution in Lebanon.


Reggie Yates in a Texan Jail, Thursday, BBC One, 10.45pm

English actor, TV and radio personality Reggie Yates spends 5 days living behind the bars of Bexar County Jail in Texas, a prison in which a quarter of inmates suffer from a diagnosed mental illness. 


Film of the week

Standby, Wednesday, RTE1, 9.35pm

This 2014 romantic comedy tells the story of Alan (Brian Gleeson) who works in Dublin airport, where he bumps into Alice (Jessica Paré, Mad Men), his first love. Alan invites Alice to stay in his house while she has a layover in Dublin and takes her for a night out on the town.


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