Typhoon Nepartak heads towards China after killing two people in Taiwan

The typhoon has also highest-recorded ground winds in Taiwanese history

The first typhoon to form in the Northwest Pacific this year has hit land in Taiwan, killing two people and injuring dozens of others.

Typhoon Nepartak crossed Taiwan in the early hours of Friday morning, and according to the National Fire Agency - the general disaster response agency for Taiwan - at least two people have been reported killed, and a further 72 injured, mostly by falling debree during the storm.

The typhoon was catagorized as Category 4, the second highest catagorey, with winds of up to 140 miles per hour, the highest ever recorded in Taitung City.

The Typhoon is expected to reach mainland China on Saturday morning local time, but is also predicted to be possibly downgrounded to a Category 2 by then.

Footage and images of the event have been uploaded by locals and local media, showing the full extent of the damage caused by the event.