GRA withdraws from Garda modernisation programme in response to pay freezes

The Garda Representative Association says the decision has been "taken reluctantly"

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Rank and file gardaí have withdrawn their cooperation from a major modernisation programme announced by An Garda Síochana last month.

The Garda Representative Association (GRA) says their 10,500 members will not engage with the process. 

Many of the association's members are facing a pay freeze for not signing up to the Lansdowne Road agreement on public sector pay increases.

The modernisation programme aims to increase the use of technology by frontline gardai, as well as introducing community policing teams.

You can read more about the plans here.

However, the programme will be hampered by the GRA’s decision.

Ciaran O’Neill, President of the GRA, said: “Our members have yet another pay freeze imposed upon them despite this government’s failure to honour its commitments. Members of Garda rank have not yet received their full entitlements under the terms of the Hadddington Road Agreement.

Mr O'Neill says the GRA "repeatedly" asked the Justice Minister to refrain from imposing the legislation while a HRA review was progressing.

"This political decision is an inflammatory escalation ignoring our genuine and legitimate grievances. Our Executive has no option but to respond appropriately," he added.

The association stressed that the decision was 'taken reluctantly', as they had campaigned for many of the measures due to be introduced in the new programme.