Recession has pushed 100,000 more people into poverty in Ireland, report finds

Social Justice Ireland suggests that almost one in five of those who are currently in poverty have a job

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File photo. Image: Niall Carson / PA Archive/Press Association Images

A new report claims the recession has pushed 100,000 more people into poverty here.

Social Justice Ireland has found that more than 750,000 people in the Republic are now living below the poverty line.

Almost one in five children are living in poverty, the findings suggest.

The group says that social welfare is of critical importance in addressing the issue - without welfare more than half of Ireland's population would be living in poverty.

The report also highlights the level of inequality in the country, with the richest 10% of households having almost a quarter (24%) of the total disposable income.

Dr Seán Healy, Director of Social Justice Ireland, spoke to Newstalk Breakfast about the report.

"Almost one in five of those who are currently in poverty actually have a job," he explained.

"It's important to note that a job doesn't always get you out of poverty - because jobs are low paid, jobs are part-time, they are precarious, they don't last for the whole year and so on."

Michelle Murphy, Research and Policy Analyst with Social Justice Ireland, added: “If Government wishes to address and close this income divide future policy must prioritise those at the bottom of the income distribution. These policies must be designed to address the wide variety of households and adults in poverty”.