German man uninvites relatives to his own funeral in open letter

Hubert Martini called himself "open, honest and unforgiving"

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General view of a stack of rolled up newspapers | Image: Edward Smith / EMPICS Entertainment

A German man has had the last laugh, after writing his own obituary and uninviting some relatives from his funeral.

He reportedly took out a notice in a local newspaper, telling his siblings that they were not welcome at the service.

News agency dpa says 64-year-old Hubert Martini published his own obituary in Trierischer Volksfreund, a newspaper in the west of the country.

In his piece, Martini calls himself "open, honest and unforgiving."

At the same time he says his five siblings and their families are not wanted at his funeral.

While the Daily Mail has translated part of the piece: "One last word - I was a convinced atheist, and there I stayed, so at the farewell ceremony there will be no mourning, no crosses and no other overt or covert religious symbols."

"As for flowers, if at all, please just bring yellow and orange lilies."

"I am to take part in this celebration. You are all discarded."

While it is open to speculation why he did this, Martini also admits: "I have hurt some people - and that's good."