Health Minister pays tribute to fellow TDs for strong debate on the 8th ammendment

Simon Harris feels this Dail has the will required to deal with the issue

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Simon Harris speaking to the media at Government Buildings | Image:

The Health Minister has paid tribute to his fellow TDs for the strong debate which took place in the Dail this week, on the issue of terminations in the cases of fatal foetal abnormalities.

On Thursday, politicians were discussing bill proposed by Independent TD Mick Wallace.

However, today Minister Simon Harris reiterated his view that a referendum on the 8th Amendment is needed, before any such legislation can be passed by the Dáil.

Last month, the UN released a report which concluded that the rights of an Irish woman, Amanda Mellet, were violated after she was forced to leave the country in order to obtain a termination in a case of a fatal foetal abnormality.

Minister Simon Harris, says he feels that this Dail has the will required to deal with the issue: