Lawyers for Console unable to locate Paul Kelly and his wife

The High Court granted injunctions against the former CEO and a number of directors yesterday

Lawyers for Console unable to locate Paul Kelly and his wife

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The High Court has heard that lawyers for Console haven’t been able to locate its founder Paul Kelly or his wife Patricia to serve notice of injunctions.

Yesterday, the court approved various orders preventing the couple and Mr. Kelly’s sister Joan McKenna from interfering with the suicide charity after an independent review was carried out into the handling of Console’s finances.

The review came in the wake of a HSE audit that revealed irregularities within the organisation.

A number of injunctions were granted against the Kellys and McKenna - a former director - which included an order preventing them from accessing its bank accounts and credit cards.

Lawyers for the charity returned to the High Court this afternoon because they haven’t been able to find the Kellys to notify them of the injunctions.

The court heard a solicitor called to their home at Alexandra Manor in Clane, Co. Kildare where the post box was overflowing and it appeared nobody had been there for some time. Calls and emails have also gone unanswered.

Mr. Justice Paul Gilligan agreed to consider the opening of an email sent to Mr. Kelly’s account as service and the case is due back in court next week.

Joan McKenna was successfully served this afternoon.