Cinema chain seeking $700,000 retribution fees from Aurora shooting victims

The cinema is looking for payment for legal fees

Cinema chain seeking $700,000 retribution fees from Aurora shooting victims

Photo:, Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike license 2.0

Following the massacre in July 2012 which resulted in 12 people being killed and a further 70 with serious injuries whilst watching The Dark Knight Rises, the trials involving the incident are still ongoing.

In August 2015, the shooter James Holmes was sentence to life in prison without the possibility of parole, but a parallel lawsuit was placed against the cinema chain in which the shooting took place, Cinemark Cinemas.

In May of this year, a jury found Cinemark not partially liable, after plaintiffs charged Cinemark with failing to provide security in their theaters, even after the Homeland Security put out an alert that theaters were potential terrorist targets.

According to Colorado state law, the winning side in a civil suit can seek compensation for their legal costs, and as per the report via Deadline, paperwork filed last week by the chain in which they are seeking $699,187.13 in legal fees and other costs from the nearly 30 plaintiffs in the consolidated action.

In light of this report, the hashtag #BoycottCinemark has achieved huge traction on Twitter, with Cinemark yet to make an official response to the situation.