WATCH: How people react to a well-dressed child versus a refugee child

UNICEF put 6-year-old Anano in the middle of a busy city square

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Image: YouTube/UNICEF

The United Nations agency for children has conducted a social experiment to show how refugee children are treated.

UNICEF took 6-year-old child actor Anano and put her in the middle of a busy square in Tbilisi, Georgia with people passing by.

In one scenario, she was cleanly dressed with neat hair and good shoes.

People were seen approaching her and asking her who she was and seeing if she was she alright.

UNICEF then applied make-up on her to make her face look dirty, and dressed her in unwashed clothes.

She then looked to be ignored in the same area where people had been talking to her minutes before.

The experiment was then taken to a restaurant, where reactions were similar - depending on Anano's appearance.

One man asked for her to be taken outside, which visibly upset her and the experiment was put on hold.

Speaking afterwards, Anano said she was "sad" because "They were all telling me to go away."

UNICEF is using the hashtag #FightUnfair to draw attention to how the world treats its least fortunate children.

It comes after its 2016 State of the World’s Children report, which found that an estimated 69 million children under five will die by 2030, mostly from preventable causes.