U.S. House of Representatives to vote on gun legislation

The move comes a week after a sit-in from Democrats demanding action on gun control

Paul Ryan, House of Representatives,

Image: Evan Vucci / AP/Press Association Images

The U.S. House of Representatives will vote on gun legislation in the wake of the Orlando shooting which claimed the lives of 49 people, making it the worst mass shooting in the country's history. 

According to The Hill, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan spoke to members of the Republican Party on a call on Thursday and told them that they would vote on a wider terrorism package, including what has been dubbed "no fly, no buy" legislation.

The move would see those who are on a no fly list barred from buying firearms, while other proposals in the package would be aimed at disrupting "radicalization and recruitment."

The move comes one week after Democrats held a sit-in, urging action to be taken on gun control legislation. In the aftermath of the event, Ryan repeatedly called the incident a "publicity stunt", but on Thursday a source told The Hill that he emphasised the importance of ensuring that terrorists can't obtain weapons, as it was "common sense".

The package wil be debated on the floor, but in the wake of the sit-in, and with talk of another similar event taking place after the recess for the 4th of July holiday, Democrats may well push for more far-reaching legislation. 

Speaking to Think Progress, Rep. Keith Ellison said that many Democrats are keen on going further than a sit-in again, and that civil disobedience "certainly could be" on the cards.