Injunctions granted against former Console CEO Paul Kelly

It comes after an audit revealed financial irregularities at the national charity

Injunctions granted against former Console CEO Paul Kelly


An order has been made to restrain the founder of Console Paul Kelly, his wife Patricia and his sister Joan McKenna from accessing the charity's funds.

It comes after a HSE audit revealed financial irregularities at the national suicide charity between 2012 and 2014.

The High Court also approved an injunction preventing them from destroying, concealing or moving any of its records.

Last week, Paul Kelly resigned as CEO following allegations of deception and mismanagement outlined in an RTÉ Investigations Unit programme.

Despite the announcement of his resignation, the court heard today that Kelly has continued to hold himself out as CEO.

David Hall has been appointed as interim CEO at the national charity, and speaking to reporters he said the main focus now is to keep Console’s services going: "This has been a difficult week for many, including the people who use Console, the staff and many donors and the entire industry.

"With the support of the Charity Regulator and with the board we have achieved a wide-ranging injunction to protect the charity and the good work it does and we will now got an affect that."

The Charities Regulator also appointed five new trustees to the board of group.

In a statement CEO of the Regulator John Farrelly said: “The  role  of  a  charity trustee is to provide governance and leadership, ensure  the  charity  is  in  compliance  with  the law and ensure that the charity is carrying out its charitable purposes for the public benefit."

The proposed trustees are Diarmaid Ó Corrbuí, CEO of Carmichael Centre for Voluntary Groups; Shelley Horan, a practicing Barrister and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Law at Trinity College Dublin and Bernie Gray a member of the Accountability Board of the Civil Service.

The others are Shay Ellis who has extensive experience in HR management, the voluntary sector and the governance of charitable counselling services; and Penelope Kenny, a chartered accountant and corporate governance professional.