Rosé-infused Gummy Bears are New York's newest food trend

At €7.70 a box, the initial run sold out in two hours and demand crashed the seller's website

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In the theatre of war that is finding the western world’s most coveted foodstuff, New York has staked its claim as the trendsetter. Dublin may have its spice bags, but after the Cronut, a spliced pastry combining the artistry of the croissant with the simplicity of a doughnut, became a worldwide headline, the Big Apple stepped up to the big leagues. And now a confectionary shop selling booze-infused jelly sweets has cornered the market on hype hysteria with its rosé-flavour Gummy Bears.

TIME named the Cronut one of the 'Top 25 Inventions of 2013'

Sugarfina, a self-proclaimed upscale purveyor of gelatine you’re likely to come across today, is the name on everybody’s lips, with demand for its wine jellies so high the company’s website crashed under the demand. Shaped in the classic Haribo ursine style or as blooming roses, the 450kgs of rosé sweets sold out in just two hours.

Now a waiting list of almost 1,000 eager customers is impatiently awaiting the arrival of the next batch of sweets, an order five times the size of the original. It’s big business for Sugarfina, which sells the candies at a cost of $75 (€68) per kilo.

But the company doesn’t do its sweets by halves, with its website promoting everything from pineapple jellies, German-imported pale ale sweets, champagne bears, maple bourbon caramels, single malt scotch cordials, and marshmallows dipped in 24k gold.

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