UKIP MEP tells Enda Kenny to 'stay out' of British affairs in Scotland

David Coburn says a Brexit means Scottish nationalism "is dead in the water"

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A Saltire flag decorated with stars representing the European Union is held at a demonstration outside the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh | Image: Andrew Milligan / PA Wire/Press Association Images

A member of UKIP says Taoiseach Enda Kenny should not interfere in internal British matters in Scotland.

David Coburn referred to Mr Kenny as a "a raging Europhile" and accused of acting as a "gopher" on behalf of the Scottish National Party.

It comes after Mr Kenny appealed to the European Council in Brussels last night on behalf of Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

He said that Scotland "should not be dragged out of the European Union."

But Scottish UKIP MEP David Coburn disagrees.

"I think Enda Kenny would be better off minding his own affairs, I don't it's appreciated that he interferes in British internal matters," he told the Pat Kenny Show here on Newstalk.

"I represent that 40% of Scots who voted to leave the European Union - and there are more Scots who voted to remain in the UK in our referendum, which was had recently, than there were of people wanting to remain in the EU."

And Mr Coburn believes there is no appetite for a second referendum, on either Europe or Scottish independence.

"Everybody knew there was a referendum coming up on Europe, and we were going to be voting as the United Kingdom - we all knew that - we entered the European Union together, we will leave together or remain together."

"There is no desire in Scotland for any referenda or anything else - people are sick to death of the SNP, and their narrow obsessions".

He says as a result of a Brexit, Scottish nationalism "is dead in the water."