Erasmus programme with UK to continue for at least two years despite Brexit

Several hundred Irish students participate in exchanges in Britain every year

The European Commission says student exchange programmes between the Republic of Ireland and Britain will continue for at least another two years until the UK formally leaves the EU.

The 'Erasmus+' programme allows students in one EU state to study in another with the assistance of financial grants.

Several hundred Irish students study or undertake internships in the UK every year as part of the package.

Speaking to, Ruth Deasy of the EU office in Dublin said she wants to impress on people that the Erasmus exchange programme has not changed yet, and will not change for at least two years.

She also wants to reassure Irish students undertaking study abroad programmes in the UK next year that they will go ahead as normal.

The UK's National Agency for Erasmus+ reiterated this point earlier in the week, stating that there will be no immediate change to the United Kingdom's participation in the programme.

The Minister of State for Universities and Science in Britain Jo Johnson also said that the result "does not affect British students studying in the EU, beneficiaries of Erasmus+ or those considering applying in 2017".

"The UK’s future access to the Erasmus+ programme will be determined as a part of wider discussions with the EU."