Trump's campaign accused of asking foreign politicans for illegal campaign donations

Politicans in England, Iceland and Australia all claim to have been contacted by his campaign

Picture by: Darron Cummings / AP/Press Association Images

Picture by: Darron Cummings / AP/Press Association Images

In the wake of the Brexit vote, it has been revealed that Donald Trump's campaign has been reaching out to British MPs in the hope they would financially support his campaign.

Scottish MP Natalie McGarry tweeted about emails recieved from Trump's son, with accompanying images of the emails that were sent.

Australian MP Tim Watts also tweeted to confirm he had recieved a similar email from the Trump camp.

Meanwhile, the Iceland Monitor reports that “at least three prominent Icelandic politicians have received an email from U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump asking for money.”

Finance laws in the States state that it is illegal from campaigns to recieve any and all contributions from foreign nationals, whether those contributions were requested or volunteered.

However, according to Talking Points Memo, an analyst investigating the situation does not think that Trump or his campaign will be charged with any misconduct, as those who were contacted were merely part of a larger "purchased list" of contacts, and it would be impossible to prove they were singled out to be contacted for financial support.