Texans planning a Brexit-style 'Texit'

Secessionists in the Lone Star State are asking the Governor for a referendum

Texans planning a Brexit-style 'Texit'

The U.S. flag waves in front of the Alamo during a reenactment of the delivery of William B. Travis' "Victory or Death" letter, Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016 | Photo: PA Images

The US could be getting its own version of Brexit as secessionists are calling for an independence referendum for Texas.

The Texas Nationalist Movement has been campaigning since the 1990s to have Texas become an independent country, as it was between 1836-1845.

The state was originally a Mexican province, but became an independent state following a war between the Mexican government and colonists. It joined the US after its brief stint of independence.

Daniel Miller, president of the nationalist movement, is now looking for another shot at independence, after seeing how Britain voted to leave the EU.

He tweeted Texan governor Greg Abbott multiple times since the referendum result looking for a Texit referendum.

The nationalist movement has started a petition online asking people to pledge to support the referendum, with 265144 signatures so far.