Pride marches through Dublin, remembering Orlando victims

Tens of thousands line the streets of the capital

Pride marches through Dublin, remembering Orlando victims

Gay Pride supporters get ready to march through Dublin one year after the successful passing of the Marriage Equality Referendum. | Photo:

The capital was lined with colour as the annual gay pride parade marched through Dublin.

The theme of this year's parade was "Rebel, Rebel" both in memory of the late musician David Bowie and in honour of the 1916 centenary.

One year on from the marriage equality referendum, participants in the march remembered those who lost their lives in the Orlando shooting two weeks ago. 49 people were killed when a LGBT nightclub in the Florida city was attacked.

People at the parade felt it was more important than ever that they take part this year.

While last year's referendum has been celebrated, the recently published LGBT Ireland report found that some gay and transgender people continue to experience discrimination, harassment, and negative stereotypes as a result of their sexuality.

Children's Minister Katherine Zappone said that young people such as those marching today should help develop and implement the new LGBT youth strategy in Ireland. The Minister said there should be more innovative ways to track bullying or discrimination among young gay people, such as using social media accounts or having young people challenge discrimination.