UK Labour MP’s submit no confidence motion in leader Jeremy Corbyn

Mr Corbyn has been forced to defend his role in the EU membership referendum campaign

UK Labour MP’s submit no confidence motion in leader Jeremy Corbyn

Image: Jonathan Brady / PA Wire/Press Association Images

Two Labour MPs have submitted a motion of no-confidence in party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The motion was filed by senior Labour MP Dame Margaret Hodge and seconded by Ann Coffey. It will be discussed at Labour’s next parliamentary party meeting on Monday. Where the chairman will decide whether it is debated, if accepted it would be followed by a secret ballot of Labour MPs on Tuesday.

Mr Corbyn has defended his role in the UK’s EU referendum campaign following criticism that he was half hearted in his support for remaining in the EU.

Labour MP Angela Smith said that Mr Corbyn should consider his position as party leader.

She said: "We need a leader who is capable of meeting the challenges we face. Jeremy Corbyn should consider his position."

Mr Corbyn earlier told the media that he would not resign as leader, rejecting suggestions his position on the EU did not tally with supporters of his party.

"Large numbers of people voted both ways in this election... there is a difference of position among Labour supporters, there is an even bigger difference of opinion amongst supporters of other parties," Mr Corbyn said.

Vote Leave chair and Labour MP Gisela Stuart said in a victory address that party leaders should "reflect to what extent they are representing and reflecting the views of the voters."

Labour MPs overwhelmingly supported the Remain campaign but UKIP leader Nigel Farage has said that old Labour voters won the election for Leave.

"The election was won in my view in the Midlands and the North and it was the old Labour vote that came to us," Mr Farage said.