Final Brexit poll puts 'Remain' side 10 points ahead of 'Leave'

The Populus poll sampled an audience of 4,700 people online

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A polling card and information from a voting guide for the EU Referendum in London | Image: Yui Mok / PA Archive/Press Association Images

Voters have been casting their ballots to decide whether Britain should remain in or leave the European Union.

But a final opinion poll has given the 'Remain' side a 10 point advantage over its 'Leave' rival.

The Populus poll sampled an audience of 4,700 people online.

The results found 55% would vote to Remain, while 45% would vote to Leave.

It was carried out across June 21st and 22nd.

The UK Independent says these results are "by far the strongest for Remain among the final polls."

"Almost all of the major polling organisations showed remain ahead, but many did so within the margin of error for political surveys", it adds.

Counting will begin as soon as polls close at 10.00pm tonight.

A record number of voters - some 46.5 million - are eligible to take part in the referendum, with the country being divided into 382 voting areas.

The overall result will be announced in Manchester, likely on Friday morning, but only when all areas have declared.

However, there are some concerns the bad weather may affect turnout.

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