Farage hits out at Kenny intervention in Brexit debate

UKIP leader says it will be business as usual at the border if UK votes Leave

Farage hits out at Kenny intervention in Brexit debate

UKIP leader Nigel Farage | Photocall file photo

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage says the Taoiseach’s intervention in the UK’s EU Referendum was not appropriate and is unlikely to have had a major impact. 

Farage made the remarks to The Pat Kenny Show in an interview on the eve of today’s historic vote, which could see Britain retreat from Europe. 

“No I don’t (think it was appropriate),” Farage said. “It was interesting, when Obama came to say all sorts of nasty things to us, it actually led to a Brexit bounce.

“I don’t know what the effect of Kenny’s intervention has been but, you know what, this assumption that we get from Irish politicians: ‘Oh, the Irish love the EU’ - really?,” he asked. 

The 52-year-old former MEP also suggested that if Ireland was to hold a similar vote, there would be a strong chance of the country leaving the Union.

“You’ve rejected the Nice Treaty. You’ve rejected the Lisbon Treaty. If there was a full, free and fair referendum on leaving the EU in Ireland, it would be a very interesting debate.”

"We are probably friendlier than we've ever been"

Mr Farage, who has not yet said whether or not he will continue his political career if there is a Remain vote, also claimed that a ‘normal’ relationship between the Republic and Northern Ireland would continue after a Brexit. 

“There’s no question about one thing. The economic relationship between Ireland and the UK is of great benefit to both,” he said. 

“We do a lot of business with each other. I also think, politically, we are probably friendlier than we’ve ever been. So it’s a good strong relationship, and we’ll go on doing things just as normal.”