Man accused of raping his wife denies forcing her to have sex

The man is facing seven charges relating from 2014

A man accused of raping his wife in Dublin insists he never threatened her with a knife, and has also denied forcing her to have sex with him.

She claims he became abusive after she told him their marriage was over.

The man is facing seven charges relating to a period during the breakdown of their marriage in 2014.

The most serious allegation is one of rape.

After securing a barring order against him, she says he used to follow her around and made several threats to kill her or cause her serious harm.

The man admits hitting her with a hammer in August 2014, but denies all the other charges.

From the stand today, he admitted pushing her during an argument on their son's birthday that year.

Earlier this week, she claimed he head butted her after becoming angry because she wanted her nephew to join them on a family day out.

He told the jury she banged her nose off an open kitchen press after he pushed her.

He accepted they were arguing on the night of the alleged rape, but denied forcing her upstairs for sex and said he was shocked when she secured an interim barring order the following day.

The trial will continue tomorrow.