Instagram reaches milestone, with over 500 million monthly users

More than 80% of the Instagram community is outside the US

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Image: Instagram

Photo-sharing app Instagram says it now has more than 500 million monthly users, and more than 300 million who use it everyday.

It says its monthly user base more than doubled in size over the past two years, adding 100 million active users faster than the previous 100 million.

While more than 80% of the Instagram community is outside the United States.

Over 95 million photos and videos are shared per day, on average, with 4.2 billion likes per day.

Amy Cole, head of brand development for EMEA, said: "It's incredible to think that in just five and a half years, the Instagram community has grown to half a billion."

Source: Instagram

"It’s exciting that we're still growing so fast - the community has more than doubled over the past two years - and now 300 million are using Instagram every day."

"Brands have always been a key part of our community, and as the community continues to grow so does the opportunity for advertisers," she added.

The Facebook-owned company says it is continuing to invest, with new features like Instagram Business Tools coming to Europe later this year.