Austrian man calls in bomb hoax to shut down loud music at parish party

The man called police, warning he would detonate a device at the afternoon festivities

Austria, Bomb Hoax, Parish Party


After becoming enraged due to the loud music coming from a parish celebration, an Austrian man called police and warned them of a false bomb threat, telling officers that a bomb would go off in 15 minutes in the primary school where it was taking place.

Immediately after receiving his call, the local police in the Lower Austria town made the 250 people attending the religious festival abandon the site, before calling in explosive experts and sniffer dogs to scope out any potential devices.

After carrying out their search, nothing suspicious was uncovered and the festival, known as the Pfarrfest, was able to restart at 6pm, The Local reported.

Shortly after, officers arrested a 26-year-old unemployed man who lived in vicinity of the primary school. He would later confess to having made the call, stating that he had become increasingly annoyed with the sound of music playing at the festival.

A routine search of his apartment uncovered no explosive materials. The man has been released from custody, but will face criminal charges for his actions.

This was the second bomb hoax carried out in Austria in the space of a week, as a shopping centre in Vorarlberg, the westernmost state, was evacuated after a man made a threatening phone call demanding €50,000 to not detonate an explosive.

In that case, the man was arrested shortly after and moved to a hospital when it was determined he was suffering from mental health issues.

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