Measles outbreak confirmed in Co. Kerry

15 cases of the infection have been confirmed

Measles outbreak confirmed in Co. Kerry

Measles Rash | Via: Wikimedia Commons

15 cases of measles have been confirmed in county Kerry.

It's understood that a person infected with the highly contagious illness traveled from Dublin to the county in May by plane, and others became infected as a result.

In the past number of weeks several cases of Measles have also been confirmed in Dublin, Sligo, Mayo, Louth and Limerick.

Anyone who may have symptoms is being asked to contact their GP to arrange a home visit and is being urged not to travel to any clinics or hospitals due to the contagious nature of Measles.

University Hospital Kerry is also asking visitors not to bring children to the hospital at this time.

Initial symptoms of measles include irritability, a runny nose, conjunctivitis, a hacking cough and an increasing fever that comes and goes.

These symptoms usually last between two and four days, and occasionally up to 7.

The measles rash, consisting of flat red or brown blotches, usually begins on the forehead and spreads downwards over the face, neck and body on the fourth day of the illness.

Other symptoms include diarrhoea, vomiting and abdominal pain.

More information on the virus can be found here.