Donald Trump campaign funding lagging far behind Hillary Clinton's 'war chest'

The Clinton campaign entered June with $42.5m - more than 30 times more than her rival

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Image: Tony Dejak / AP/Press Association Images

Donald Trump's presidential campaign is trailing tens of millions of dollars behind Hillary Clinton's, according to the latest figures from both campaigns.

The latest reports filed to the Federal Election Commission show that the presumptive Republican nominee entered June with only $1.3m - compared to Clinton's $42.5m.

Mr Trump's campaign managed to raise $3.1m in donations in May - the same month he was declared the presumptive nominee.

In comparison, the Clinton campaign raised $26m last month, with an average donation of around $44.

Speaking on US TV show FOX & Friends this morning, Mr Trump said they were aiming to keep the campaign 'lean'.

He said: “Hillary Clinton will spend a billion dollars of Wall Street money and money from the Middle East [...] I don't want to do that.”

Mr Trump also claimed he helped the Republican party raise $12m over the weekend.

Reports from the Trump campaign suggest the businessman has loaned the campaign around $46m since last year, according to Reuters.

The Clinton campaign, Politco reports, has just under 700 employees, compared to the 70 in the Trump camp.

The latest figures come amid change in the Trump camp ahead of next month's Republican national convention.

Yesterday it was announced that the businessman's controversial campaign manager Corey Lewandowski had been fired.

During his TV this morning, Trump said he would give Lewandowski a '10', and had a 'great victory' under his belt after the success in the primary campaign.

However, he added that "now we're going a different way. We have a group of people, and it's a little bit different".

Meanwhile, a group of Republican delegates in the US are reportedly attempting to block Trump's nomination at the convention.