A loving wife, a dying husband, and an unexpected affair

A look at "One Yellow Door" and the career of Hanif Kureishi

A loving wife, a dying husband, and an unexpected affair

'The Long Engagement' by Arthur Hughes, 1859

After her husband, Jack, developed the incurable and degenerative Lewy Body Dementia, Rebecca de Saintonge's life began to change. Her role as Jack's carer grew as his condition deteriorated. Though she never stopped loving her husband, Rebecca began an affair with another man, Nick.

This affair helped Rebecca cope as she tended Jack through his final years. In 1996 Jack passed away and six months later the affair with Nick, a husband and father, ended. Rebecca kept a diary throughout this arduous time which became the basis for her heart wrenching autobiography, One Yellow Door

Susan Cahill talks with Rebecca about her life with Jack and her wonderful exploration of love, faith, hardship, and loss. How did her affair help Rebecca survive the final years of her husband's life?

Rounding out the show, Susan delves into the life and work of the amazing British storyteller, Hanif Kureishi, with author and academic, Dr Nick Bentley. Writing for the stage, screen, and page, Kureishi has become a master of exploring life in modern Britain, especially capturing the experience of immigrants in London. But what is it that makes his voice so powerful and resonant?

This week's music to read to,

Julia Kent's Flag Of No Country opened this week's show with Stusle Sundagskvelden by Nils Okland & Sigbjorn Apeland bringing part one to an end. The show finishes up with Constellations by Balmorhea.