Thousands march in Poland against abortion ban

The march was organised by women to defend their rights to choose

Thousands march in Poland against abortion ban


Several thousand people marched in Warsaw last night against a proposal for an almost total ban on abortions in Poland.

The "March for Dignity" was organised by women to defend women's rights.

Poland's laws on abortion are already among the most restrictive in Europe.

At the moment it is allowed in cases of rape or incest, if the woman's life is in danger, or if the foetus has medical problems.

Pro-life groups are seeking a law which would allow terminations only to save a pregnant woman's life.

Earlier this week, Minister Leo Varadkar says the 8th Amendment was not considered fully and properly before being added to the Constitution.

Leo Varadkar says considering the repeal of the amendment should not be rushed.

However he conceded that it cannot be put on the long finger either.

"Part of the reason why our abortion laws have given us so much trouble in this country is because we put an amendment into the Constitution in 1983 without considering it fully and properly," he suggested.

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