Protest at French Embassy in London following block on supplies to Calais refugees

French authorities refused to allow 250 vehicles enter the country

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An aerial view of the port of Calais, with the city of Calais in the background, northern France | Image: Michel Spingler / AP/Press Association Images

A protest is taking place outside the French Embassy in London after a large convoy of supplies for refugees in Calais was denied entry at Dover.

French authorities refused to allow the 250 vehicles to enter their country.

Willem Marx, who's at the demo, has more details on why the action was taken.

Earlier this week, a medical aid charity says it is going to reject all funding from the European Union.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) says it is in protest at the EU's deal with Turkey to reduce the number of migrants heading to Europe.

The organisation believes rewarding the country for stopping illegal migration through its territory goes against the principle of helping people in need.

The decision means they will lose out on around €55 million.