WATCH: Disney World employee fends off alligator at Splash Mountain

The footage has surfaced just a few days after a fatal alligator attack at the theme park

Updated: 21.10

Following the fatal attack on a 2-year-old boy in Disney World on Tuesday, the operators of the park have begun to place extra precautions in place to ensure the tragedy can not be repeated.

In the mean time however, footage has emerged showing a Disney World employee attempting to fend off an alligator just feet away from the iconic Splash Mountain attraction, where unaware customers have no idea what is happening.

Images have appeared of a fence being erected along the beach at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa at Disney World, following reports that customers at the resort may have been feeding the alligators and causing them to come to shore far more frequently.

According to The Wrap, there had been complaints about alligator infestations in the area for the past fourteen months. Organisers have now closed all of the beaches at the park, and are looking at long-term solutions to the issue.

The parents of the toddler drowned by an alligator at Disney World in Florida say they're "overwhelmed" by the support they've received.

Two year old Lane Graves was snatched by the reptile, said to be up to seven foot long, as he waded in shallow water in a lake at the Orlando resort.