Security of Irish electives to be reviewed following Jo Cox murder

TDs, Senators and their staff will all be getting a security review

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The Clerk of the Dáil has been asked to carry out a review of the security of our elected representatives.

In the wake of the murder of a British member of parliament during the week - politicians here say they would like to assess their day to day operations in their constituencies.

The review is being ordered by the Chair of the Fine Gael party Deputy Martin Heydon.

He explains why he believes it's needed:

"In light of the dreadful tragedy in England with the death of the MP in Leeds, it brought home to us the vulnerability of not just TDs and Senators, but also their staff within the constituencies. We have had a review and a tightening up of security around the Dail, but back in constituencies, and some of my colleagues would agree with me, that we do need to review of how every TD and Senator and their staff operates.."

Earlier this week, the man who appeared in court charged with the murder of British Labour MP Jo Cox gave his name as "Death to traitors, freedom for Britain."