WATCH: Men rescued off Wexford coast during record-breaking rowing attempt

They requested assistance in worsening weather conditions

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Image: RNLI/Rosslare Harbour

A group of rowers have been rescued off the Wexford coast after getting into difficulty.

Rosslare Harbour RNLI was launched on Thursday night to help the four men attempting a record-breaking row.

They requested assistance in worsening weather conditions.

They were brought to safety in a call-out that lasted over six hours, as the all-weather lifeboat towed the 24-foot rowing boat out of the channel and back to the safety of Rosslare Harbour.

The four young rowers have had to set aside their record attempt after setting off from Tower in London 10 days ago.

After leaving London, they came up through Bristol Channel and out into the open sea.

However the weather was worsening and they found themselves battling the elements 22 miles off the Irish coast.

Conditions were fresh with a north north-westerly wind gusting 25 knots. It was then they made the decision to contact the Coast Guard and request help.

Commenting on the call-out, Rosslare RNLI Lifeboat operations manager David Maloney said: "This call out was a good example of people recognising the importance of calling for help early when they realise they may be getting into difficulty."

"The group were dealing with worsening weather conditions and a changing tide which was taking them further from where they needed to be, all while they were mid-channel on a record attempt."

"They had the right safety equipment and made a call quickly. If they had waited until things got worse and help was not close enough, it could have ended very differently," he added.