Morning top 5: Man charged over Jo Cox murder; MSF rejects EU aid; and Irish fans head to Bordeaux

The top stories this Saturday morning...

A man has been charged with murder in connection with the shooting of Labour MP Jo Cox in the UK.

She was attacked on Thursday outside her constituency surgery in Birstall, near Leeds.

52-year-old Thomas Mair is due before Westminster Magistrates' Court later.


Iraq's prime minister says government forces have regained control of most of Fallujah.

Islamic State militants remain in some areas of the city, and special forces operations continue.

The city has seen weeks of heavy battles since the government offensive to re-take it began in late May.


Médecins Sans Frontières is rejecting over 50 million euro in funding from the EU.

The International humanitarian organisation says it is in protest at the EU deal with Turkey - to reduce the number of migrants heading to Europe.

The aid group will be forced to use their emergency reserves before stepping up their fundraising campaign.


Around 100,000 soccer fans will descend on Bordeaux in the south of France today as the Euros continue.

In a week that has been marred by violence by supporters of other teams, Irish fans have been praised for their friendliness, efforts to clean up after themselves and being good ambassadors for the country.

The Tourism Minister Shane Ross says he expects a boost in visitors here as a direct result.


There is bad news for anyone who still writes letters.

An Post is increasing postage rates from next month.

The price of a standard domestic stamp will rise from 70 cent to 72 cent.

For international letters, the standard rate is increasing by 5 cent - from €1.05 to €1.10.