Man hospitalised after taking part in "Spicy Chicken Wing" challenge

The UK resident still intends to finish the challenge upon discharge

image via lawnetworkusa

image via lawnetworkusa

A man has ended up in hospital after trying to complete the ultimate food challenge.

Mark McNeil in the UK had severe stomach pains after he ate three chicken wings doused in the world's hottest chilli pepper sauce.

His challenge was to eat 10 wings covered in the sauce.

He says he felt a tingling feeling after one, and after two more, he had an overwhelming burning sensation - but no amount of cucumbers, milk or tomatoes would dull the pain.

Mark says the staff at the hospital were very professional, but he could tell they were 'kind of joking' when he told them.

He still plans to tackle the food challenge, which means he'll be refunded the £9.95 cost of the chicken wings.