Over a third of crime victims unhappy with response of gardaí

New public attitudes survey overall suggests positive public perception of force

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Over a third of crime victims are unhappy about how gardaí dealt with their case, while 57% are satisfied, according to a new report.

The Garda Síochana’s survey of public attitudes, published today, suggests that the force is trusted by a majority of the public but that issues with communication remain to be resolved.

Around a third of victims recalled receiving a crime record number, while just under a quarter reported not being given the names of investigating gardaí.

Only one in three were able to recall receiving information about victims’ helplines and services.

The most common incidents experienced by respondents were burglary, followed by criminal damage, assault and then theft. Around 75% of crimes were reported to authorities.

Overall, the results of the study indicate a generally positive public perception of gardaí.

Most respondents agreed that officers are “friendly or helpful” (81%), “community-focused” (61%), “modern or progressive” (59%) and “effective in tackling crime” (57%).

A smaller proportion said the force provides "a world-class police service” (38%) or is “well managed” (47%).

Munster had the highest levels of positive responses, while Dublin had the lowest.

Both victims of crime and non-victims identified sexual offences as the top area they wanted gardaí to focus on.

The survey of 6,000 nationally representative respondents was carried out last year.

The full report can be read here.