GALLERY: NASA's recruitment posters will have you looking to the skies

Inspired by WWI and WWII recruitment posters, NASA's latest inspire budding astronauts everywhere

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If you ignore the fact that it’s been almost 44 years since the last human being stepped foot on the moon, it’s hard not to become swept up in the interstellar patriotism of NASA’s newest batch of recruitment posters. And the Martian corps they’re advertising doesn’t even exist – yet. But they’re beautifully designed and evoke a sense of WWII derring-do.

NASA’s posters are reaching out to people all over the world, telling us we will teach, weld, farm, and work on the surface of the red planet and enjoy long walks on the beach of lunar seas.

NASA has made available all the posters to download for free, so clear some space on your wall and looking to skies.

Check out the posters in the gallery of images below: