Hillary Clinton meets Bernie Sanders after winning last Democratic primary

Sanders under pressure to end his campaign as Democratic battle comes to an end

hillary clinton,

Hillary Clinton stands with husband Bill and daughter Chelsea | Photo: PA Images

Hillary Clinton has won the final Democratic primary ahead of November's US presidential election.

The party's presumptive nominee met rival Bernie Sanders last night after triumphing in Washington DC.

The former secretary of state is hoping to secure her opponent's support as she turns her focus to defeating Donald Trump.

Sanders has come under pressure to call time on his campaign in a bid to fully shift the focus of the 2016 election on the upcoming showdown.

The US senator from Vermont and self-described socialist has so far refused to bow out of the contest, pledging to carry on to next month's convention.

The two Democratic campaigns said in separate statements yesterday that the two candidates had discussed "unifying the party" and "the dangerous threat that Donald Trump poses to our nation".

The latest primary results come after Clinton clinched four other wins last week, including California and New Jersey.